23 things I’ve learned as a 23-year-old and college graduate (so far)

    1. You don’t always get what you want – and usually that’s because you didn’t need it anyway.

    2. My parents’ advice about saving money when I was 12 would’ve SERIOUSLY come in handy now.

    3. A glass of wine and a book is WAY better than going out to a bar.

    4. When someone says, “you look nice!” or “I really like your hair!” not only should you thank them, but say something nice back.

    5. Trying to learn an entire semester’s worth of material in two days is NOT WORTH IT

    6. With college graduation comes an abundance of free time, along with the constant feeling that you’re falling off a cliff.

    7. Job searching sucks – but leaning in goes much farther than I imagined it to.

    8. Writing hand-written thank you notes has gone out of style, which makes them even more meaningful and valuable now.

    9. I don’t want children and most people look at me like I have eight heads when I admit that.

    10. A huge takeaway skill from internships is learning how to look and act really busy when your to-do list is basically blowing with tumbleweeds it’s so empty.

    11. Growing your hair out takes so much effort, and a lot of bad hair days (so much so that I continue to chop mine back off).

    12. You will keep in good touch with friends if you put forth the effort to make plans (call them! you know, with your voice!) and actually stick to them.

    13. Most of what you learn in college is principle, not actual skill.

    14. I am completely different than I was three years ago, and thank God.

    15. Acting as a doormat in day-to-day life will get you nowhere, and it’s actually AWESOME to be more successful than your male counterpart.

    16. Living in the city is wicked expensive but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    17. The people in front of you at the grocery store are also most likely in a hurry to get home, and it’s not all about you.

    18. Buying a quality lipstick makes a lot of difference.

    19. Cable is so overrated.  Get Netflix!

    20. The Mass Effect game series is one of the best things to ever happen in my life.

    21. Photography is not only a hobby but actually a skill of mine, and I never thought this could be true.

    22. Having a mentor is always a wonderful idea.

    23. I will never stop learning.  I will never get to a point where I know all, have seen all, have heard all.  Nor do I want to, because that means I have no reason for life anymore, and that is tragic.