Project: Coffee Junkie

So, I love coffee.  Who doesn’t, really?  And, I really love local things to Indianapolis … especially local coffee.  Visit Indy does, too.  Last week, I went out and shot some photos of some really cool local places that sell coffee around Indy for a new Coffee Visitor Guide at Visit Indy.  My favorites include:

(Mini) Project: Puddles

Today while I was walking around Indy with my camera bag on my shoulder, I couldn’t stop thinking about how gloomy and gross it was outside.  Then, while walking by Pearl Street’s parking lot (that’s surrounded by large brick buildings) I passed over a puddle.  Initially, my thought was to avoid it and keep my

Project: Indy at Night

Recently, a friend of mine walked around and shot some leisure photos of the city’s skyline at night.  This can be tricky because of all the different settings that play together – exposure, stability, etc.  However, this was a learning experience for me and was really fun to walk around and see the city at

Project: USA Today

Recently at Visit Indy I had the wonderful opportunity to take a photo for the publication USA Today.  A freelance writer wanted to feature Indy’s own Down Home Cookin’, as a Top 10 Soul Food Restaurants in the US.  My photo, shown both in the article and singularly, was featured on the mobile app, web

First Experience: Going to a barber shop

So, we’ve all heard the saying, “There’s a first time for everything,” right?  Well, today marked that to be true in my book when I went to a barber shop for a haircut.  Let me start by giving a slight background to this adventure: My hair is something I’m most fickle about.  Anyone who knows

Project: Tour de Brew

Have you ever been on a brewery tour?  What about an Indianapolis brewery tour?  Let me tell you – it would be quite difficult to hit all Indy breweries in one day because holy moly, there are lots.  However, I recently went on a tour with Visit Indy and got to snap some photos while

Internships, read all about it!

Internships are many things.  Awesome.  Required.  Important.  Influential.  Life-changing.  Stressful.  Educational.  (Unfortunately, sometimes even disappointing).  Most schools/PR programs require an internship to even graduate, and most companies won’t look at your resume without at least one internship, many preferring two or three. Before I had an internship, I didn’t understand the point of having one.

Urban Living: A Slap of Reality, Myths vs. Facts Style

So I moved downtown on June 29 and with me I brought a big bag of expectations and stereotypical dreams of what downtown-living would be like.  After almost two months of actually living downtown and doing the urban thing, I feel like I have a somewhat solid ground to stand on when I say I’ve

Project: Anna P., Round Two!

Anna and I decided we are going to routinely shoot photos together, we just have too much fun.  She really wants to get into modeling, so this time around I took some separate head shots for her, and I also helped her out with taking some video for her YouTube channel!  

Project: Baby Elsie

This little dollbaby belongs to a very close friend of mine, and she is already 10-months-old!  Catching up with mommy Anna and taking pictures of baby Elsie made for the perfect afternoon.  I can’t wait to take her One Year pictures!