Project: Downtown Charleston

So, as I’ve said, I freaking love Charleston. I can’t even believe I’ve lived 23 years without exploring it. It’s officially on my bucket list of places to visit again, and maybe even places to live.   Recently, I’ve been playing with my photography “style.” I’m such a noob that I don’t really have a

Project: Magnolia Gardens

Recently, I went on a trip to South Carolina. I stayed 35 minutes outside Charleston and I instantly fell in love with the city and it’s charm. During the trip, I visited the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, one of the oldest and prettiest places I’ve seen to date. While I didn’t get to see as much

Project: 100 Acre Park photo trip

Have you been to the Virginia B. Fairbanks 100 Acre Park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art? It’s totally free (even free parking!) and it’s SO COOL. Adam and I went a couple weeks ago and decided to take the camera to see what we could capture. We didn’t even make it to all the

When a photographer gets photographed

Typically, I’m the one behind the lens, not in front of it. However, my good friend Sara Ballenger is quite the talented photographer so I had some fun modeling for her and decided to use a few of the photos for my site. Check out her portfolio to see her other talents! While modeling was fun,

Project: Snow day

So, anyone who lives in the Midwest (well, any sane person) will tell you that the weather, to put it plainly, sucks.  It just does.  You grow up with it, you’re used to it, but it still sucks.  Indiana is no exception to this rule, but perhaps the best example.  One week, it’s 50 degrees in the early

Project: Coffee Junkie

So, I love coffee.  Who doesn’t, really?  And, I really love local things to Indianapolis … especially local coffee.  Visit Indy does, too.  Last week, I went out and shot some photos of some really cool local places that sell coffee around Indy for a new Coffee Visitor Guide at Visit Indy.  My favorites include:

(Mini) Project: Puddles

Today while I was walking around Indy with my camera bag on my shoulder, I couldn’t stop thinking about how gloomy and gross it was outside.  Then, while walking by Pearl Street’s parking lot (that’s surrounded by large brick buildings) I passed over a puddle.  Initially, my thought was to avoid it and keep my

Project: Indy at Night

Recently, a friend of mine walked around and shot some leisure photos of the city’s skyline at night.  This can be tricky because of all the different settings that play together – exposure, stability, etc.  However, this was a learning experience for me and was really fun to walk around and see the city at

Project: USA Today

Recently at Visit Indy I had the wonderful opportunity to take a photo for the publication USA Today.  A freelance writer wanted to feature Indy’s own Down Home Cookin’, as a Top 10 Soul Food Restaurants in the US.  My photo, shown both in the article and singularly, was featured on the mobile app, web

Project: Tour de Brew

Have you ever been on a brewery tour?  What about an Indianapolis brewery tour?  Let me tell you – it would be quite difficult to hit all Indy breweries in one day because holy moly, there are lots.  However, I recently went on a tour with Visit Indy and got to snap some photos while