Project: Anna P., Round Two!

Anna and I decided we are going to routinely shoot photos together, we just have too much fun.  She really wants to get into modeling, so this time around I took some separate head shots for her, and I also helped her out with taking some video for her YouTube channel!  

Project: Baby Elsie

This little dollbaby belongs to a very close friend of mine, and she is already 10-months-old!  Catching up with mommy Anna and taking pictures of baby Elsie made for the perfect afternoon.  I can’t wait to take her One Year pictures!    

Project: Anna P.

This aspiring young model is a close friend of mine.  She’s super quirky and creative, and taking these photos for her was a real blast =)  She’s super into film and making videos, check out her YouTube channel, LiveFORRBeauty.

Project: Spring Break Memory Book

Spring break can be a time for many things, but for me this year it meant a family vacation and a period of relaxation on the beach.  My younger brother had many friends stay in the same building as we did, so I took the opportunity to snap some awesome pictures for them.  [Just click

Project: Senior Pictures

Ah, the senior pictures.  A milestone of life signifying the graduation of high school.  I was so excited to help these kids tell the world they were graduating! [Just click to zoom.]

Project: Prom

Prom!  All about colors, who’s dress looks like what, and where you got your hair done.   I had so much fun photographing these kids for their prom this year.  Luckily, the rain held out until just after the photo shoot.   [Just click to zoom.]