Project: Downtown Charleston

So, as I’ve said, I freaking love Charleston. I can’t even believe I’ve lived 23 years without exploring it. It’s officially on my bucket list of places to visit again, and maybe even places to live.


Recently, I’ve been playing with my photography “style.” I’m such a noob that I don’t really have a defined style yet, so what better time to play around? While walking around downtown Charleston, I basically went bananas over the vast amount of things to snap pictures of. ALL of the buildings are INSANELY cool. Every store front is different. And, the DOORS. Oh my gosh the DOORS. SOOO COOOOL. (I’m fan-girling over here, ok?) Inspiration struck me to take straight on pictures more often than I usually do, so that’s what I did. I really like the turn out.


Anyway, here’s some of my favorite shots from the trip. Can’t wait to go back.