December 2013

Bachelor of Science in General Studies

Certification of Public Relations

Work Experience

The Alexander Hotel

June 2015-Present

Human Resources Coordinator

The Alexander Hotel is, hands down, the most refreshing place to work. As the Human Resources Coordinator, my task list never ends. Among those tasks include: managing the applicant system, screening every application that comes through; creating and maintaining all internal communication, keeping the hotel aligned on service culture and our brand architecture; and planning and executing a multitude of events, including volunteer outings and associate appreciation days. Additionally, I provide direct support to the Director of Human Resources and the General Manager of the hotel.

The Alexander Hotel

May 2013 - January 2014, December 2014 - June 2015

Guest Services Agent

As a guest services agent at The Alexander, I focused on providing the utmost service to all guests and persons in the hotel. Remaining consistent with company and brand values, I believed in the importance of community and intuitively passionate service. I wore many hats - I managed guest issues and resolutions, checked guests in as well as checked them out, assisted in managing accounts, and assisted in luggage transportation.


January 2014 - October 2014


At xiik, I lived among the lines of the AP Style Guide, producing content and writing copy for xiik. This included email subject lines, email body copy, website body copy, newsletters ... the list went on.

Visit Indy

August 2013 - January 2014

Communications Intern

At Visit Indy, I worked with a team ("The Agency") to create blog posts, articles and other promotional pieces about Indy. In addition to writing, I also took photos at Visit Indy when they were requested. I also helped host travel writers coming to see the city.

Indiana University School of Nursing

Summer 2013

Recruiting and Outreach Marketing Intern

Interning for the IU School of Nursing is one of the most exciting opportunities I've received. While working with the recruiting and outreach team, I designed marketing products, wrote articles for an alumni publication (known as The Pulse) and sent press releases about the school. Making such an impact is so inspiring and I learned so much about writing as well as myself in my time there.

Johnson County Courthouse

October 2012 - July 2013

Data Clerk Intern

Interning for the courthouse gave me a perspective and new knowledge of the legal system and how the courts work. This has come to be very valuable knowledge in my media law and ethics classes. Some of my duties included: responding to questions from the public concerning court cases; preparing and sending 50-75 certified mail packages each shift; and opening 10 new cases per shift. I also worked 25 hours a week as a full-time IUPUI student.

Crowne Plaza

January 2012 - October 2012

Manager on Duty

Learning through leading other team members was a wonderful experience at the Crowne Plaza. As a second shift manager on duty, I led and managed a team of eight front desk employees each shift. My team and I checked-in and oversaw 70 to 200 guests each night. I also had to learn how to manage the customer complaint system while creating solutions for customer service recovery. As a manager, I experienced and overcame many challenges on property, such as a burst water pipe, three hotel evacuations, and a critical health situation. I developed strong interpersonal and listening skills through employee communications.

US Customs Office of Finance

Summer 2010

Data Analysis Intern

While interning for the US Customs, I learned a lot of core skills that I have used frequently since. Through extracting data from shipping and receiving documents to track money being spent at the U.S. Border warehouses, I learned organization and the ins-and-outs of Microsoft Excel. I also refined and expanded my presentation skills through presenting data to the U.S. Border Patrol board of directors in New York City. At the end of my internship, I was offered full time employment, but chose to pursue a college career instead.

Acitivities & Skills

Campus Citizen



As a voluntary writer for the Campus Citizen, I gained my first experiences writing for an actual publication. The Citizen is IUPUI's "newspaper" in magazine style. I had the opportunity to write about faculty (and interview them), tuition changes and shifts (and the impact on the students), and also about the Indianapolis Indians. I learned the importance of deadlines and contribution at weekly meetings.



Member @ IUPUI

As a member of PRSSA at IUPUI, I take advantage of and help with the production of conferences and luncheons held.