Urban Living: A Slap of Reality, Myths vs. Facts Style

So I moved downtown on June 29 and with me I brought a big bag of expectations and stereotypical dreams of what downtown-living would be like.  After almost two months of actually living downtown and doing the urban thing, I feel like I have a somewhat solid ground to stand on when I say I’ve been slapped in the face with a reality check:


MYTH: I will go to all the awesome bars on Mass Ave. with friends for after-work drinks.

FACT: I am so exhausted after work that all I want is to watch Battlestar Galactica on my couch.

MYTH: I will walk everywhere and never have to use my car!

FACT: It takes more than 20 minutes?  Ew, I can’t walk that far.

MYTH: I could totally take the bus if I didn’t want to walk.

FACT: Where’s the bus stop again?  When does it even leave?  Which line am I riding?

MYTH: I will totally get up and run in the city every morning, since my commute is so much shorter. 


MYTH: I will totally walk to the City Farmer’s Market and get the freshest food.

FACT: The Farmer’s Market is actually only open on Wednesday mornings soooo …


Am I disappointed with downtown living?  No.  Definitely not.  I love living in the city so far.  I’m excited to start a new internship and get even more involved with the city.  Maybe I will prove some of my myths wrong in the near future?