Writing sample: Family-friendly pitch

This is a pitch I wrote for Visit Indy involving family travel and 2014.  Did you know 2014 is marked to be Indianapolis’ BIGGEST year for family travel yet?  Check out my pitch:

(also, download a PDF below)

Dear Ms. Laughinghouse,

On behalf of Indianapolis’ destination marketing arm, I wanted to make you aware of two new large-scale family travel opportunities for 2014 – for consideration in your family article for Dallas Morning News.

Parents Magazine voted Indianapolis a ‘Top Ten Best City for Families to Visit’ in 2013 – however 2014 will mark Indy’s biggest year for family travel yet.  Two of the most unique exhibits to ever premiere will open in Indianapolis – the Global Premiere of the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Children’s Museum and the International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Terra Cotta Warriors: Children’s Museum

Opening May 2014

Nowhere else in the world has anyone seen the warriors this way.  It’s a global premiere of the greatest archaeological find of our lifetime.  Visitors will get an in-depth look at china’s first emperor and his painted warriors.

  • First time ever the Shaanxi provincial government is allowing these warriors out of the country
  • See the science behind the paint of the warriors – of the 8,000 warriors found, each was painted differently
  • Virtually paint a warrior by choosing which mineral to use
  • Dig like real archaeologists to find and piece together faux warriors
  • 100 artifacts will be on display, not including the 10-12 warriors
  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the world’s largest, and by many sources, considered the world’s best

International Orangutan Center: Indianapolis Zoo
Opening May 2014

Zoo experts have coined Indy’s International Orangutan Center the “World’s Most Important Zoo Exhibit.”

  • Nine orangutans have been saved from the entertainment industry and are now calling Indy home
  • Interact with orangutans inside the Center as they play computer games
  • Take a tram up to the “treetops” where orangutans will hang in their recreated natural habitat
  • The Beacon of Hope has changed Indianapolis’ skyline.  At night, orangutans will climb up to the top of the Beacon to flip on a light

Please let me know if this interests you and I’d be happy to send you more information/photos.

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