Writing Sample: “Rumors Reversed”

While I was writing for the Campus Citizen, IUPUI’s magazine, I had the opportunity to interview Dean Jane Luzar from the Honors College at IUPUI.  I had a lot of fun interviewing her and writing this article was a real treat.  Take a look at her story!  You can also download the PDF version of the article.


Rumors Reversed: Smoke Enforcement Takes Educational Stance

Mollie Morrison

“A Tobacco-free IUPUI.” We’ve all seen the signs. But we still smell the smoke everywhere. Are there consequences for violations of the tobacco-free policy? Who is enforcing it?

Rumor has it there is a smoke-free “enforcement lady” who goes around campus smacking students’ hands, running them off sidewalks and chalking popular sitting areas to decrease the likelihood of a student sitting and smoking there. Who is this lady?

Dean Luzar, founding dean of the IUPUI Honors College and co-chair of the tobacco- free committee says no one is enforcing this policy, but educating. Preferring to be called a smoke-free “education lady” with a whole team to back her up, Dean Luzar says both she and the committee only have intentions of helping students and faculty quit smoking.

“I’m not enforcing anything, I’d like to educate them,” Luzar said. She said she always tries to direct students to an area off campus where smoking is permitted.

“And by the way, we’d like to help you,” is a frequent phrase Dean Luzar uses when asking a student to stop smoking on campus. “We try to be very fair about it,” Luzar said. She said the committee is aware that smoking is an addiction and no one is expected to quit overnight but wants students to be aware of all the free cessation resources available.

According to Luzar, education is at the forefront of the movement. She said the first step is to educate and offer resources for smokers who wish to quit.

Luzar encourages everyone to be a part of this campus movement. “Students are free to stop other students,” Luzar said.

IUPUI is now a smoke-free campus, along with the rest of IU locations.

According to the IUPUI Tobacco Free Policy, tobacco use or sale is prohibited on university-owned, -operated or –leased property or vehicles. The new State Law enacted July 1, 2012 also prohibits smoking in IU facilities or within eight feet of any entrance. It is considered illegal and finable up to $150.

Students and faculty are permitted to smoke on any city-owned sidewalk or street as long as they stand eight feet from any entrance of a building. There are also butlers available for cigarette-butt disposal that help guide where the eight feet boundaries are. These add convenience but also help to prevent mulch fires, according to Luzar.

IUPUI offers many free programs to students and faculty members. For more information about quitting or the programs offered, visit http://smokefree.iupui.edu/s- cessation.asp.

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